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Welcome to the DAV Website
The DAV is a non-profit association which exists to promote debate. It is the peak debating body in Victoria and runs large competitions for adults and for schools across Victoria. It provides training and resources for debaters, teachers and adjudicators.

Schools Competition Resource Guides

The DAV publishes a Resource Guide which provides a brief for particular topics to facilitate student research for prepared topic debates. If feedback from a regional night held early in a round indicates that a topic is causing difficulties, additional detail will be added to the Resource Guide entry for that topic (but this is the only intervention we will undertake).

The Resource Guide is not a substitute for proper preparation, and its aim is simply to help you prepare your own case. You should not structure your case around the questions asked, nor should you rely too heavily only on the articles to which we provide links. Any ideas that the Resource Guide gives you will need to be explained just like any other material.

Resource Guides will be developed by our experienced adjudicating team and will be published over the coming weeks with priority given to earliest rounds.  If you do not see a guide here yet, please check back again soon.

A Grade

Round 1: That Australia should not provide military support to foreign conflicts.

Round 2: That we regret the rise of artificial intelligence.

Round 3: Secret Topic

Round 4: Secret Topic

Round 5: Secret Topic

B Grade

Round 1: That we should implement a maximum wage.

Round 2: That we should ban political donations.

Round 3: Secret Topic

Round 4: Secret Topic

Round 5: Secret Topic

C Grade

Round 1: That compulsory voting should be abolished in Australia.

Round 2: That students should have to complete compulsory volunteering hours every year.

Round 3: Advised: Technology and Innovation

Round 4: Secret Topic

Round 5: That medical professionals should not be allowed to strike.

D Grade

Round 1: That it should be compulsory for students to partake in extracurricular activities.

Round 2: That we should ban uranium mining in Australia.

Round 3: That the government should prioritise funding the arts over sports.

Round 4: That we should raise the retirement age in Australia.

Round 5: That we regret the use of participation awards.